Button Batteries
New gold-plated surface
Innovative coin battery technology: the anode and cathode covers adapt innovative gold plating technology. In contrast to the silver appearance of ordinary button batteries, the golden surface increases the conductivity.
DOD deep discharging technology
Innovative DOD deep discharge technology adjusts the internal structure of the battery, and increases the deep discharge performance of the battery, improving electric energy efficiency by 30%. They will make your car keys more dependable and durable
43 unique processes
Each special electric car key battery undergoes 43 processes to ensure its quality, adaptability to different use environments, effectively preventing short circuits and leakage, ensuring the durability of each battery.
Seal ring patent design
Our patented specially-designed sealing ring effectively solves the problem of electrolyte volatilization and lowers the self-discharge rate of each battery
(Patent No.: ZL200920147362.8)
Mercury-free, environmentally-friendly and safe
The mercury-free formula ensures that each battery is non-toxic
Product parameters

Coin battery models start with Cr, AG, SR, LR, A, PR, L, and follow by numbers. In general, the model number is printed on the back of each battery. Due to different country naming standards, a coin battery may be named in different model names. The comparison is listed in the column. If the model is compatible, then the battery can be used.

Brands and models for use with CR2032: