Alkaline Battery
Alkaline vs. Carbon-zinc batteries
Different principles decide different performance
In 1860, Frenchman George Leclanche invented the acidic zinc-manganese battery (carbon-zinc battery). In 1950, the short storage time and unstable voltage of the carbon-zinc battery were overcome, and it entered the consumer market.
Advantages of Nanfu alkaline batteries
1.Longer duration
More joy from longer play time. Toys can use remote controls – it’s that durable!
2.Stronger power
Robust and energetic!
3.Better quality
Intelligent quality control to ensure premium quality
4.Safer with fluid leakage proof
Dual leak-proof process: the new corrosion-proof steel shell and anti-aging seal can effectively prevent leakage. It will not leak if you forget it in an electric appliance.
5.Mercury-free, environment friendly
Our batteries contain zero heavy metals such as mercury, chromium and lead, so they can be thrown away normally. In addition, they can be thrown with household garbage, without special recycling.
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