NECTIUM is world's first IoT battery, which offers extraordinary and reliable performance in IoT devices, e.g. smart lock, keyless entry system, wireless switch, doorbell.
Yes, NECTIUM battery has a unique gold bottom, which is made of pure gold in order to boost the performance in IoT devices.
Gold is the best conducting material on earth. The pure gold has less internal resistance so as to provide rapid response in pulse discharging mode. This mode is widely applied in IoT devices.
Tenavolts is the new generation of lithium rechargeable battery. It connects the advanced lithium technology and household battery market. It is supported by the battery industry expert, Nanfu, which stays the leader in China’s market. It is developed to concur the traditional rechargeable AA battery deficits: longer charging time, unstable output and insufficient usage life.
Constant voltage output at 1.5 voltage, quick charging time under 2 hours, and sufficient recharging times at 1,000 cycles. Besides the Tenavolts battery, the custom travel-friendly charging case supports Micro-USB charge.
For the packages including chargers, Tenavolts offers 4-AA, 2-AA, 20-AA and 4-AAA. For the battery alone sets, there are 4-AA and 4-AAA.
Each Tenavolts AA lithium rechargeable battery holds 2,775 mWh power. Additionally, each Tenavolts AAA lithium rechargeable battery has 1,110 mWh power.
The LED light embedded at the bottom of Tenavolts battery will keep on during the battery recharging process. Once the charging is complete, the LED light will turn off automatically.