Our technological innovations shine brightly in the international arena.

Nowadays, many enterprises can earn a lot by only contracting and selling products without any R&D. They may make a fortune in the early stage, whereas an enterprise without any R&D and lacking in core technology cannot go far.


We have long realized this, since back when Nanfu just produced batteries. Thus, we broke through technological barriers and invented the environmentally-friendly and durable mercury-free alkaline battery, breaking through the monopoly of foreign brands.

Nanfu pays particular attention to the integration of R&D, production and sales. We have not only production factories but also R&D teams. We firmly hold the core technologies, and therefore can produce battery products with high quality and efficiency.



Today, Nanfu continues to carry forward this fine tradition, consistently developing our R&D strength. We have more than 200 scientific and technological inventions, which have reached the advanced international level, covering product, equipment, process, and packaging innovation, etc. Six of these inventions have filled in domestic gaps and reached an advanced level internationally. Each of these over 200 inventions represents industry progress in science and technology. 


Some may think we are foolish to waste money on R&D, but to provide better products and experience for the consumers, we would like to "foolishly" invest as much as possible in R&D. It is through this "foolish perseverance" that Nanfu can invent popular power source products such as wireless battery chargers, lipstick power banks, and smart door-lock batteries.


The newly invented Nanfu Tenavolts rechargeable lithium battery deserves its reputation for defining an era. It has 3 global invention patents and proudly holds the Innovative Consumption award issued by the China National Light Industry Council. Its performance surpasses the NI-MH rechargeable battery in all respects, earning it the name "terminator of the traditional NI-MH battery."


This advanced product has already successfully entered international markets, shining brightly in the international arena and showing China’s innovation abilities to the world.



Nanfu now has international technological centers and post-doctoral scientific research workstations. We have also cooperated with national key universities and institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to establish many new energy research centers, creating advanced scientific research innovation mechanisms. All of this provides endless strength for the sustainable innovation and development of Nanfu.


In any endeavor, perseverance eventually brings the desired result. Since the first day when we founded Nanfu, despite many dead ends, we have always kept to our original intention, emphasized technological innovation, and practiced the brand concept of "constantly striving for self-improvement, building a national brand, seeking truth from facts, and striving to become a well-known global brand." From an unknown little factory with only about 100 staff members, we leaped forward into the international arena.  


As China begins its "emergence as a great power," Chinese national brands are entering the best era in history. "Customer-centered, technology-oriented" businesses will have the chance to become national brands in the international stage. Nanfu is an excellent representative of a successful national brand. 

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