NANFU Battery, established in 1988 and headquartered at Nanping, Fujian, China, is a leading alkaline battery manufacturer and supplier. Over several decades, it has been developed from a small factory to a multi-brand corporation with its scale expending continuously. The year of 2015 witnesses the birth of TENAVOLTS with rechargeable lithium batteries first introduced. While in April of 2020, NECTIUM joins the big family providing batteries designed for smart home IoT devices.



Brands & Products



The leading brand of the household battery in China, which is widely recognized as the symbol of household Alkaline battery with No.1 market share in alkaline segment in China for 28 consecutive years.


World’s first constant voltage rechargeable lithium AA battery. Leading innovation in the rechargeable lithium battery industry. We believe that rechargeable lithium battery is the future of batteries.


Born for IoT (Internet of Things) technology age. Batteries are featured with large pulse current and extra-long shelf life. Professional battery manufacturer offers the perfect solution for smart home IoT devices.

Mission Statement

Equipped with strong scientific & technological strength and excellent product expertise, we're committed to developing into an advanced global brand enterprise, serving people around the whole world! Dedicated to research and develop both user-friendly and environmental-friendly civil power technology products, bringing high-performance, high cost-effective batteries to each household. Firmly hold the core technologies and develop better products. Stick to technology-oriented, customer-centered, and market-driven to replace other poor-quality battery products.


Social Responsibility

Having a strong sense of social responsibility, we have concentrated efforts into improving environmental protection regarding our products. Several decades ago, Nanfu had been starting to bring countless households with mercury-free cadmium-free, lead-free, green eco-friendly products. In fact, since 1995, major pollutants like mercury and lead have been cleared from our battery products, allowing them to be disposed together with household waste. We take action to improve the ecological environment substantially by supporting desert reforestation. NANFU also concentrates efforts into providing power to areas that are hit hard by natural disasters.