NANFU Battery, starting from 1954, is the third largest alkaline battery manufacturer and supplier around the world. Over several decades, NANFU Battery has been developing from a small factory to a multi-brand corporation with its scale expending continuously. NANFU presented TENAVOLTS rechargeable lithium batteries to the world in the year 2015. While in April of 2020, NECTIUM joins the big family providing batteries designed for smart home IoT devices.



Brands & Products



Being the leading brand of household battery, NANFU holds the No.1 market share (around 82%) of China for 28 years. Every 100 households, 80 of them are using NANFU’s products. In 2018, NANFU’s sales revenue increased to 397M USD. With complete production lines, NANFU’s alkaline battery production capacity is up to 2.1 billion.


World’s first constant voltage rechargeable lithium AA/AAA battery. The leading innovation in the rechargeable lithium battery industry. We believe that rechargeable lithium batteries are the future of batteries.


Born for IoT (Internet of Things) technology age. NECTIUM batteries feature a large pulse current and an extra-long shelf life. NECTIUM is made by a professional battery manufacturer that offers the perfect internet of things battery solution for smart home IoT devices.

Mission Statement

NANFU Battery is committed to developing into an advanced global brand enterprise, serving households around the whole world with high-performance, cost-effective batteries. NANFU develops and grows with profound strength in scientific and technological innovation, as well as excellent product expertise and extensive production experiences. Always holding the core technologies is NANFU’s key to continuing the development of high-performance products. NANFU adheres to a technology-oriented, customer-centered, and market-driven policy. We continue to provide both user-friendly and environmentally-friendly civil power technology products.


Social Responsibility

Having a strong sense of social responsibility, we have concentrated our efforts on improving environmental protection. NANFU has been providing mercury-free, cadmium-free, lead-free, green eco-friendly products for decades. Since 1995, NANFU has cleared major pollutants like mercury and lead from our battery products, allowing people to dispose of the used batteries together with household waste. NANFU also takes action to improve the ecological environment by supporting desert reforestation. When facing major natural disasters, NANFU is always taking initiatives to undertake social responsibilities, so we concentrate efforts on providing power to areas that are hit hard by natural disasters.


Future Development

Having improved the market share to 82% in China, NANFU has the whole world in view. We make unremitting efforts to bring more and more families on the earth with NANFU’s high-performance battery products. We’re proud of serving households from over 60 countries and 5 continents so far, but we believe that we can reach further and further in the future.

Everyone Loves NANFU Products

NANFU Battery has three categories of products with corresponding brands to distinguish from. NANFU alkaline battery is the best-seller of the NANFU family for decades, which is convenient, safe, and reliable for both use and storage. Alkaline batteries are the most popular ones, perfect for daily use of household electronic devices. TENAVOLTS lithium rechargeable battery is the up-rising star full of advanced technologies and beneficial for environmental protection. TENAVOLTS will be beloved by people who require high-performance and strong constant voltage. The third category, NECTIUM, rises in response to the rapid development of the IoT (Internet of Things) technology age. More and more families will turn to NECTIUM to power many IoT devices at home varying from a remote control, car key, Bluetooth headset, doorbell to a smart sensor. We’re increasing more new products to offer you more choices. Get NANFU Battery, get your life in a better way.