Battery Matters, Always

Battery Matters, Always

Working from home has never been so popular in recent years. Instead of a short-term solution, working from home permanently may turn to be a new normal for office work. Spending more time at home is when people realize how fast the batteries of their wireless mouse depletes and how many batteries need to be thrown away each year.


Less Charging More Performance

Despite the performance, safety, and environmental protection issues, durability should be another priority for batteries, especially for primary cell batteries. NANFU’s alkaline batteries easily power up the following low-drain electronic devices: clocks, remotes, wireless mice, weight scales, and others requiring AA/AAA batteries. These devices feature low power consumption so needing to change the batteries now and then is less frequent than a competitor’s product.


Fast Charging

When it comes to high-drain electronic devices, rechargeable lithium batteries’ performance will be up to satisfaction. How to make sure disconnection never happens to the gaming controller in an intense battle? Use TENAVOLTS rechargeable lithium batteries with 1.5V constant voltage, which will bring 12-14 hours of playing time. The constant voltage is their first advantage and the key to maintaining a high performance until the last second. Their second strength is that they have a quick charge time. Instead of waiting for more than half a day (compared to other rechargeable batteries), you can leisurely enjoy a movie before that and wait for less than 2 hours to get them fully charged.


Indoor and Outdoor Uses

When you think of AA/AAA batteries you mostly think about indoor uses such as TV remotes, controllers, etc… People get used to using batteries indoors, and that’s the reason they are casually referred to as household batteries. These types of batteries are great for outdoor use too. Batteries are very useful for outdoor activities which range from hiking, camping, and hunting. They are especially useful for indoor or outdoor photography.


Hunting Season Charged

Every year when the hunting season is approaching, hunters are prepared and waiting. As they complete their mental checklist, they review their gear which is an essential element to bring them successful hunts.


Lighting equipment is essential while night hunting. A headlamp or flashlight is a must-have to live and hunt in the dark. They are incredibly helpful to keep an eye on the surroundings or track animals. If you’re going to carry a Go-Pro camera for recording, one thing you cannot forget is to keep it powered. Make sure you carry spare batteries in your backpack. It is crucially important to ensure these small devices requiring AA/AAA batteries work. When a power bank/portable station comes with you, TENAVOLTS rechargeable lithium batteries are perfect for these devices to maintain their high performance from beginning to end. If charging is not available, NANFU alkaline batteries are great alternative reliable backup power supplies.


The Future of Batteries

Batteries are everywhere due to that they’re always needed. Primary cell batteries are popular and still the first choice for families with an abundance of electronic devices requiring AA/AAA batteries. Rechargeable lithium batteries are the future trend for household batteries. TENAVOLTS rechargeable lithium batteries are unlike any other rechargeable batteries. You simply must feel the difference.