5 Things you need in a power outage

Power outages can be very unpredictable. Have you ever been left in the dark after a sudden power outage for a long time? If you haven't, it's...
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Battery Matters, Always

Working from home has never been so popular in recent years. Instead of a short-term solution, working from home permanently may turn to be a new normal...
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Tips for Battery Care

Due to the high demands of batteries in daily life, people always purchase batteries in bulk and leave many of them unused. A battery’s general shelf life...
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Things You Should Know About Batteries

One of the things people tend to take advantage of in our society is power. Being able to use a flashlight, play games, or use a tv...
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TENAVOLTS’ First Award Winner at CES 2019

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) had come to a successful end earlier last year in Las Vegas, Nevada. CES is an annual trade show event organized...
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How to Get it Right - Battery Edition

Back in the days, when rechargeable batteries were not so popular and advanced, we would choose standard primary cell batteries without hesitation. But now, with the advancement...
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